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Aaron Eckhart hints at In The Company Of Men sequel that will probably never happen

Film School Rejects has news on one of the least likely projects to come out of Comic-Con: a possible sequel to Neil LaBute’s In The Company Of Men, the lightly comic farce about two incorrigible rapscallions trying to balance love, work, and ruining a deaf woman’s life. While promoting Battle: Los Angeles, Eckhart was jokingly asked about a follow-up, only to have him answer seriously, “I don’t know, [but] we’ve talked about it. We talked about making a Broadway show or doing a sequel to it.” He even added that he and LaBute have considered doing films “every 10 years [about] where [Eckhart's character Chad] is every 10 years.” (As to where Eckhart sees Chad in 10 years: “In rehab.”) Of course, the probability of this ever happening is about the same as The Wicker Man 2, but seeing as contemporary indie films like Happiness and Henry Fool got their own quasi-sequels, we suppose it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility.

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