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A&E doing a reality show about magic

A&E, the reality-and-third-rate-gangster-show network (you'll never believe what the "A" stands for!) is getting into the illusion business. (Because a "trick" is something a whore does for money. Or the contents of someone's storage locker.)

Don't Trust Andrew Mayne follows the titular illusionist as he teaches ordinary folks both street magic and large-scale illusions. Also, for some reason, there's a revenge twist, as he shows his trusting pupils how to use magic to get even with those who have wronged them. Stole someone's girlfriend? You'll be sorry when a flock of doves appears out of nowhere. Because they're not doves of peace—they're doves of vengeance! Also, this super-long chain of brightly colored handkerchiefs is made solely of handkerchiefs... of vengeance

There's also an outside chance A&E is reacting to the success of Hannibal, and the show will recount a grisly series of revenge murders in which the victims are sawed in half, with a gruesome message written by the killer in blood: Is this your card. Either way, the 13-episode season premieres January 13.

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