Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Steve Coogan's most beloved creation, professional blowhard Alan Partridge, is making a long-in-the-works leap to the big screen. Coogan has shown us Partridge in front of the cameras, as the overbearing host of 1994’s talk-show spoof Knowing Me Knowing You, and behind the scenes, with the 2002 series I'm Alan Partridge giving us a look at the life of the now-former talk show host doing morning radio and trying to manage his personal and professional decline. This time director Declan Lowney (Father Ted, Little Britain) throws some action into the mix, as disgruntled co-worker Colm Meaney takes the station's staff hostage, and it's up to Coogan to do what he does best: talk his way out of a mess of his own making. 

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