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And now, let's imagine the sounds of Hugh Jackman's veins in this first official photo from The Wolverine

[Sustained high-pitched whistling, like a tea kettle close to boiling over]

[Roar of rushing liquid, as though a flash flood tearing through a sewer grate]

[The sound of rubber being stretched and tormented, like a balloon being blown up to its breaking point]

[Deep, rhythmic throbbing, reminiscent of a packed dance club heard from behind the velvet-roped area outside where the bouncer won't let you in, even though he just let those three tarted-up blondes cut right to the front. "What the fuck?" you yell, and the vein-bouncer just shrugs like, "What are you gonna do about it?"]

[A million cells screaming, "Yaaaaaaaaaargggggghhhhhh!" in unison, as they put on some Limp Bizkit and set about smashing platelets and shit

[Weirdly enough, some wind chimes]

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