And The Emmy Doesn't Go To...

And The Emmy Doesn't Go To...

On this week’s Reasonable Discussions podcast, we look ahead to the sure things, long shots, and no-shots in the upcoming Emmy nominations, discuss the (mostly theoretical) value of a Netflix-style service for first-run moviegoers, read some listener feedback over last week’s debate on movie-theater etiquette, and wrap up with another round of Extracurricular Activities.

Time codes:
00:00 - 00:23 – Intro
00:24 - 10:52 – Todd VanDerWerff and David Sims on the upcoming Emmy nominations
12:16 - 22:36 – Keith Phipps and Tasha Robinson on MoviePass
22:36 - 24:53 – Listener Feedback with Keith Phipps and Scott Tobias
24:54 - 30:24 – Extracurricular Activities with Nathan Rabin, Genevieve Koski, and Keith Phipps
30:25 - 30:51 – Closing

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