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Arnold Schwarzenegger may return to ridiculous live-action roles as a small-town sheriff

Although interest in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cartoon The Governator has been polling at record highs among the crucial “Arnold Schwarzenegger” demographic, most others have been holding out for a more traditional comeback. And while Schwarzenegger has been dropping a million hints—that he might star in a WWII drama, play a horse trainer, appear in more sequels to (or oddly, remakes of) Predator or The Terminator or True Lies or The Running ManThe Hollywood Reporter says that he’s closest to starring in The Last Stand, an action movie from The Good, The Bad, The Weird director Kim Ji-Woon. The film would find Schwarzenegger playing a sheriff whose "inexperienced staff" has to stop a drug cartel leader from escaping across the Mexican border in what Kim described as a "super car." The Austrian, hulking Schwarzenegger playing a simple, small-town lawman battling a "super car"—now that’s the kind of Schwarzeneggerian ludicrousness we’ve been waiting for.

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