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Bear Grylls will have to drink his own piss somewhere besides the Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel has terminated its relationship with Bear Grylls, the English adventurer and survivalist known for starring in the network’s popular Man Vs. Wild, but perhaps better known for starring in various jokes about drinking his own piss. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision came down to a “continuing contractual dispute,” with Grylls—whose sixth season of Man Vs. Wild just wrapped in August—reportedly refusing to participate in two other unannounced projects he had signed up for, though it’s unknown why he backed out or what sorts of projects they might have been. After all, considering Grylls has literally sucked shit, covered himself in animal carcasses, and given himself an enema on camera, it’s hard to imagine Grylls saying, “But this, good sirs, is where I draw the line.”

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