Behind The Candelabra

 May 26, 2013

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Sort of like a home movie of you and your best friends hanging out, only with the campy glitz and glamour that comes with being on HBO, here’s a look at Steven Soderbergh’s Behind The Candelabra—the story of Liberace and his buddy Scott Thorson, who were just regular ol’ buddies. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon play the two inseparable amigos as they do normal amigo stuff, like playing dress-up and then fighting in the bubble bath. Or like Douglas’ pledging to be both father and lover to Damon’s Thorson, then hiring plastic surgeon Rob Lowe to make those bonds as watertight as Lowe’s own face. You know: They're pals. Like Batman and Robin! Anyway, Scott Bakula and Dan Aykroyd also show up in crazy ’70s garb, because this movie needed a little dose of weird.