Blur definitely doing "something" this year

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Blur definitely doing "something" this year

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Adding to the budding, Damon Albarn-fueled rumors that the sort-of-reunited Blur might be working on new material soon, drummer Dave Rowntree has averred in an interview with Gigwise that “something is definitely going to happen” for the band in 2011. Of course, Rowntree cautioned, “We don't want to commit ourselves to anything vast at the moment,” and he further downplayed his earlier statements while talking to NME, saying that there’s “nothing concrete and nothing formalized.” Still, “something”! It’s better than nothing, and well below everything, but most Blur fans would probably accept anything, considering the only new "thing" the band has done in over seven years is the 2010 single "Fool's Day." [via The Guardian]

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