Bobby Kennedy locked up the baby vote

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Bobby Kennedy locked up the baby vote

So I'm writing my review of Yours, Mine and Ours (out next week) and decided to look up Roger Ebert's review of the 1968 original. It ends with this baffling (at least to my contemporary eyes) line:

"The audience on opening day exuded a collective sigh of rapture when Lucy (Lucille Ball) held up her newborn child, and that's a good sign, if only for Bobby Kennedy."

Huh? Someone please explain this.

Also, in a sign that movies were more fun to go to in the '60s, at least in New York, there's this tidbit from the end of Bosley Crowther's original New York Times review of Two For The Road (a film that's only improved for me on repeat viewing):

"The stage show at the Music Hall is a salute to the Canadian Centennial and the opening of Expo 67. It features a special ballet on the theme of curling, with Christine Hennessy, Leo Ahonen and Bill Martin-Viscount of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company as guest stars. Also on the bill are the Wychwoods, a comedy magic act with dogs, and the Rockettes in Royal Northwest Mounted Police uniforms."

Dogs! Rockettes dressed up as Mounties! A salute to curling! Now that's a night out!