Caption Contest: Tom Cruise fights baddies in Jack Reacher

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Caption Contest: Tom Cruise fights baddies in Jack Reacher

He's well over five feet tall.

In the interest of science, creativity, and the science of creativity, we're posting a film or TV still every week, and we're going to ask you to come up with a clever caption. Whoever's caption gets the most likes will win some kind of nonsense prize from The A.V. Club office, most likely a Simpsons toy of some sort. The winner of last week's contest, featuring a dwarf from The Hobbit, was Al Capwne, who said: "...AND MY ANGST." (It's a reference, you guys love references.)

Make sure you post your caption as a new comment, not as a reply, so we can sort out the winner. And though we know you'll be tempted to go for the easy, gross joke, remember that our commenting policy isn't out the window here. This week's still comes from Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise as a really tall badass. Must be CG. Anyway, to get you started:

"You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?"

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