Chase. McHale. Sitcom. Community.

Chase. McHale. Sitcom. Community.


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Just when the entertainment media was about to prepare one of its bi-annual "Hey, remember Chevy Chase?" reports, Mr. Chase is popping up again, in a sitcom pilot. The show is called Community, and it's about a lawyer (played by The Soup host and A.V. Club favorite Joel McHale) who learns that his degree is invalid, and has to return to community college to get the credits he needs. There he meets Chase, another non-traditional student working towards gettin' that paper. Slacker hijinks ensue, presumably. 

And yes, according to, McHale will continue on as the host of The Soup, even if Community gets picked up. But what if he has to mock his own show? Will this create some kind of inescapable snark paradox?

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