Check out 75 years worth of Batman’s cowls

Check out 75 years worth of Batman’s cowls

Over the 75 years of his existence, Batman has been visualized by dozens of artists, animators, actors, and costume designers, each adding their own twists to the character’s style and appearance. Though the cape, the coloring, and the design of the costume have changed through the years, one aspect of the Batsuit is almost always present: the cowl. Whether we’re talking about caveman Batman, Russian Batman, vampire Batman, or future Batman, the Dark Knight’s face is always hidden by a distinctive, eye-covering mask.

Artist Salvador Anguiano has created a tribute to comicdom’s most famous bit of headgear with this poster, created as part of Poster Posse’s 75 anniversary celebration of the character, showing more than seventy different varieties of Batman’s cowl.

(You can see a zoomed-in version of the picture courtesy here).

Almost every existing Batman continuity is represented here. There’s the futuristic armored suit from Batman Beyond, the garish Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, and the distinctively long-eared variation drawn by Kelley Jones for the Batman vs. Dracula tale Red Rain. It’s a lovely tribute to the character’s long and wide-ranging history, even if we do wish it included artist credits for the people who created each variation. [via io9]

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