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Check out the new Jane's Addiction song, "End To The Lies"

It’s been eight years since we’ve heard anything from Jane’s Addiction besides promises, interviews about how the group “annoyed” briefly inducted bassist Duff McKagan, and those head-scratching reports that TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek had joined the band in addition to producing the upcoming The Great Escape Artist (due in August). But now you can check out the first tangible result of all that drawn-out teasing, the aptly titled “End To The Lies,” in exchange for an e-mail at the group’s official website. Dave Sitek’s distinctive, sleek yet noisy sheen is the most noticeable indicator that this is new Jane’s, but there’s no mistaking that Perry Farrell yowl. Listen below; download here. Between this and the equally strong showing on that new Beastie Boys track, it’s ‘90s comeback week!

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