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Christine McVie is back in Fleetwood Mac, 15 years after retiring

After 15 years away from the group, Christine McVie has rejoined Fleetwood Mac. McVie ostensibly retired from the band back in 1998, but during a concert last night in Hawaii, Mick Fleetwood confirmed she’ll be returning in the near future. McVie popped up at a Fleetwood Mac show last September and recently told The Guardian that she misses the band and, were they to ask her to rejoin, she “would probably be very delighted”—making this news not all that surprising, but more than welcome all the same.

There’s no word yet on whether this reunion precedes more tour dates, a new record, or just a super awkward backyard BBQ. But Mac fans will undoubtedly welcome whatever manifestation of the reunited lineup that emerges. Nevertheless, The band is, at least officially, on temporary hiatus, while McVie’s ex-husband, John McVie, undergoes treatment for cancer.

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