Clear History

When we first heard of Larry David’s upcoming movie for HBO, Clear History, it sounded pretty, pretty, pretty familiar. Under Greg Mottola's direction, David stars as a guy who loses out on a fortune all due to a petty argument, spending much of the mostly improvised film consumed by neurosis and riled by life’s various indignities. But the first trailer confirms that at least one thing will be different from the Larry David you’ve seen on Curb Your Enthusiasm and heard in Sour Grapes: He’ll have hair. Lots of it, in fact. This brief teaser trailer offers nothing in the way of plot, though we know it involves David having a falling-out with his former business partner played by Jon Hamm (seen with David’s character here in happier days). We also see nothing of Hamm, or other co-stars Michael Keaton, Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Philip Baker Hall, or J.B. Smoove. What we do see is Larry David (albeit looking a lot more like Larry Charles), letting his copious locks flutter in the breezy sounds of Chicago, and that is a Larry David we definitely haven’t seen before.