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Dane Cook is a loud jerk who makes terrible projects (in a play)

Will shout things in German this time

Hoping to demonstrate his incredible range of shouting things, Dane Cook has signed up to make his theatrical debut in The Producers at the Hollywood Bowl, whose cavernous, open-air confines are uniquely engineered to capture the nuances of the average Dane Cook performance. Cook joins co-stars Richard Kind, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Rebecca Romijn by stomping into the role of Franz Liebkind, the Nazi scribe behind the musical Springtime For Hitler, and a man given to screaming stuff that reads as comedy for some people, based mostly on how inappropriate and loud it is. And yes, there's probably some further self-referential irony in casting Dane Cook in a play about another play that's being deliberately staged to be terrible. But again, Dane Cook is quite rich

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