David Schwimmer is ready to star in sitcoms again

David Schwimmer is ready to star in sitcoms again

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Since the end of Friends, most of the cast has been seen fairly regularly in new movie or TV projects, with David Schwimmer being the lone exception. But after years of focusing on directing—including the features Trust and Run, Fatboy, Run—and the occasional TV guest spot (“Greenzo” on 30 Rock; a stint on Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy), Schwimmer is once again starring in a new sitcom. Deadline reports that he’ll take the lead in the ABC pilot Irreversible, based on the hit Israeli series Bilti Hafich (and not Gaspar Noé’s disturbing French film). 

Schwimmer will play one half of “a somewhat eccentric, self-absorbed couple” who endures “trials and tribulations—most of which they bring upon themselves.” Although scripted by the original series’ co-creator Segahl Avin, Irreversible is described as semi-improvisational in the Curb Your Enthusiasm vein—a style familiar to Schwimmer, who had a run as Larry David’s Producers costar on that series. (Sounds like that Irreversible series description could fit CYE as well.)


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