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Don't worry, Dog The Bounty Hunter has a new TV show

Duane Chapman—the plucky llama who strayed from his herd in the high Andean puna to follow his dream of becoming an American bounty hunter—has a new TV show, a mere four months after A&E decided his long-running series no longer fit into its programming exploring the arts and entertainment of buying crap. The tentatively titled Dog will once more follow Chapman and wife Beth as they migrate across the country teaching other bounty hunters how to turn bounty hunting into spectacle worthy of television, such as providing tips on hairstyling and cleavage. The show will air on CMT, which the network says in a statement should be considered a "game-changer." This is in the sense that it completely deviates from CMT's existing roster of series like Bayou Billionaires and My Big Redneck Vacation by adding tackling and mace. 

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