Download Cee Lo's already-omnipresent song "Fuck You"

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Download Cee Lo's already-omnipresent song "Fuck You"

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If you have two ears and an Internet connection, chances are you’ve heard Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You,” which has already been declared among mankind’s all-time greatest achievements of the summer. But thus far the only versions out there have come from the lyrics-enhanced video seen below; as of today, you can download the actual MP3 at Cee Lo’s website, in either an individual or “bundled” edition that also nets you a Cee Lo “Fuck You” T-shirt, the ideal sartorial choice for America’s ongoing Year of Being Pissy. A physical copy of the song will also hit stores on Sept. 21, followed by the late-fall release of both the family-friendly radio edit version, “Forget You,” and the album it comes from, Lady Killer. Girls, go ahead and dump your boyfriends today; they’ll all agree that the enhanced joy they get out of this song is totally worth it.

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