Drew Carey to affably distract populace with hidden-camera show

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Drew Carey to affably distract populace with hidden-camera show

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For those still rending garments over the untimely death of Howie Do It, this announcement should offer cold comfort: Drew Carey is said to be developing his very own hidden-camera show for CBS called WTF!—whose apparent grammatical impurity becomes relatively less infuriating once you learn that it actually stands for Wow That’s Funny! and are thus forced to channel your impotent rage correctly. Carey’s project “combines a hidden-camera show with flash-mob tactics” where a troupe of “comedic agents… pulls benevolent pranks on deserving citizens.” That benevolence is your first clue that the show will follow a “well-intentioned-stunt format”—in other words, it will make nice entertainment for the nice people, like a “stunt” where the group “transforms a late-night truck stop into a five-star restaurant for long-haulers,” which doesn’t really sound like a “stunt” so much as a “curious waste of thousands of dollars.” But yeah, can you imagine the looks on their faces once those truckers, seeking only a patty melt and cup of coffee to quell their meth-rattled nerves, are confronted with linen tablecloths? Those guys are gonna be totally slightly confused! 

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