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Elmo invites Katy Perry's breasts back to Sesame Street

After Katy Perry’s “Objectify Me Elmo” outfit on Sesame Street sparked the Great Cleavage Controversy Of 2010, the pop star has been mostly gracious about it while husband-to-be Russell Brand has been mostly obvious. But what about the Kenny Rogers to her Dolly Parton, Elmo himself, whose coy refusal to play dress-up started this whole mess in the first place? The Muppet himself offered an answer on today’s Good Morning America, appearing alongside Grover to discuss the non-issue with anchor George Stephanopoulos, who used to be a senior advisor to Bill Clinton and now talks boobs with puppets. “Elmo loves Miss Katy and we had a good time,” Elmo said. “So we’ll have another playdate.” Grover then pointed out his Super Grover costume, sarcastically asking, “It is not too revealing, is it?” (which is a pretty brave dig on Grover’s part, considering some of the naughtiness he’s gotten away with).

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