Avatar Is For Adulterers

Avatar Is For Adulterers


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Ashley Madison sounds like the name of a cheap plus-size clothing chain, but it is actually a Craigslist Casual Encounters site for married people who apparently have no idea what Craigslist Casual Encounters is.  Avatar sounds like the name of a fake virtual reality game in an episode of Law & Order circa 1999, but it is actually a recent 3-D movie about the lives, loves, and struggles of blue catpeople. Naturally, when Ashley Madison and Avatar combine, the result is the most nonsensical commercial ever:

(via Best Week Ever)

Did you hire Sterling Cooper for this, Ashley Madison?  Because it is very persuasive. I'm sure more than one married person who saw this ad on Bravo at 2am on a Tuesday thought, "Hmm. I wasn't going to cheat on my spouse with a stranger I found online, but I do like Avatar! Maybe I'll check out Lane Bryant. I mean, Ashley Madison."