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Burn Notice makes blatant appeal for our attention by casting Patton Oswalt and The Wire's Sonja Sohn

As part of a blatant attempt to get us to write about the USA show Burn Notice—in which a covert-operations agent in a really nice suit undertakes covert operations to insult other people's suits while yelling, "Burn!"—the actually-better-than-we-make-it-sound-with-our-dumb-jackassery series has cast Patton Oswalt and The Wire's Sonja Sohn, which are people and shows we enjoy and already write a lot about. According to Entertainment Weekly, the erstwhile Kima Greggs will play another lawman, this time "a high-level CIA director" who's characterized as both "clever and brazen" and therefore probably does not take any crap, a personality trait that Sohn is really good at portraying. Oswalt, meanwhile, will play Colin Schmidt, a "quirky" smuggler who specializes in helping other people disappear… for a price, as one might expect from a guy whose chief source of income is smuggling. Here's hoping both get some good suits out of it.  

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