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Catfish directors taking charge of Paranormal Activity 3

The ambiguously honest duo of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have found an apt follow-up to their controversial, possibly manipulative documentary Catfish, signing on to put their blurry interpretation of the truth to good use on Paranormal Activity 3. Unlike Catfish, they’ll definitely be working at a rapid clip: The next film is already due in theaters by October, which means they only have a few months to do the franchise justice—or at least come up with something passable to keep it alive until next Halloween, as the erstwhile formula-defying Paranormal Activity is destined to be the next Saw, apparently. And although their recent MTV deal suggests Joost and Schulman have since begun creating a niche as chroniclers of the way social networking has made liars of us all, there’s no indication yet that the Internet will play any part in the third film in the series. (Regardless, they already made that movie: It was called Ghost In The Machine and it wasn’t very good.)

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