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Cowboys & Aliens is super serious, y'all

“Harrison Ford glowered” begins this New York Times profile, and while the story that follows could easily be about anything from an unusually long Starbucks line to a ladybug alighting on a frond dipped in morning dew, the object of Ford’s muted rage this time could well be the movie audience “cracking up” at the Cowboys & Aliens trailer. It seems that, despite director Jon Favreau’s intentions to make a Sergio Leone or John Ford-style Western crossed with Alien or Predator—and a preview that never makes so much as a wink—many people seem to think the film will be a Men In Black-style comedy or similarly frothy genre exercise, based solely on the fact that it boasts the title Cowboys & Aliens and features Daniel Craig saving the Wild West with a laser-bracelet. As a result, Universal and Favreau are now making concerted efforts to market the film as “deadly serious,” and persuade everyone that it’s “a tough-minded adventure on the order of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven—with aliens,” which certainly doesn’t sound silly at all. Anyway, easy solution: Harrison Ford, door-to-door scowling.

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