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Fight Club screenwriter working on Trent Reznor's Year Zero miniseries

Trent Reznor’s previously reported plans to turn his 2007 concept album Year Zero into a miniseries have not been scrapped just because you haven’t thought about them in a while (which is a rather selfish assumption to make anyway). In fact, they’re now being shepherded by writer Jim Uhls—known for his work adapting Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and less so for his Jumper screenplay—who will take over the effort to adapt Reznor’s vision of a future America ruled by Christian dogma, but, you know, more so. Unfortunately for fans of the late, lamented Carnivale, Uhls’ participation suggests that that show’s Daniel Knauf is no longer writing this project. Perhaps his script should have had more night scenes in grimy alleyways?

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