Pulp Fiction is coming to YouTube in non-fan-edited version

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Pulp Fiction is coming to YouTube in non-fan-edited version

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In one of those high-stakes multi-billion-dollar tech deals where it's somewhat difficult to figure out how exactly anyone is making money, the Los Angeles Times reports that the new owners of prestige production house Miramax are partnering up with Google to bring their entire film catalog -- including crown jewel Pulp Fiction -- to YouTube.

After coughing up $660 million for Miramax, Colony Capital is trying to figure out ways to monetize its new asset, and has consulted with something called a "content acquisition executive" to bring the Miramax catalog to YouTube.  They're also hoping the move will stabilize the sometimes-shaky Google TV project and allow them to compete with Netflix, which, of course, has access to Pulp Fiction and every other Miramax title already. 

Since Miramax currently has exclusive deals with pay cable channels to distribute its films, Google might run into some roadblocks in its attempt to show Shakespeare In Love on a tiny, low-quality YouTube video display box.  But according to the Times, spokesmen for YouTube declined comment, which is always a good sign in any business deal.

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