Game Of Thrones' Hodor comes out as Hodor

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Game Of Thrones' Hodor comes out as Hodor

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Kristian Nairn, who plays Game Of Thrones’ man of few word, Hodor, has officially come out as Hodor. The fan site recently asked Nairn whether he was aware of his favored status in the “bear” community, in which burly Hodors are sought out by other Hodors for their rugged Hodor, to which Nairn replied affirmatively in the Hodor. “In all honesty, when you talk about ‘the gay community,’ you are talking about MY community,” Hodored Hodor, who also moonlights as a dance music DJ at one of Ireland’s hottest Hodor clubs. In fact, Nairn says all this time he was simply “waiting for someone to ask” about his Hodorsexuality—though really, what one Hodor does with another Hodor behind closed Hodors is their Hodor.  [via The Wrap]

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