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Get your GPS directions from Darth Vader, if that's really what you want

Those whose diehard Star Wars fandom supersedes all need for practicality—which is to say, all diehard Star Wars fans—can get directions from Darth Vader via the Locutio- and Lucasfilm-created skin for your Garmin GPS device (similar to the one created last year for TomTom customers). Featuring dialogue from a James Earl Jones impersonator, a TIE Fighter vehicle icon, music clips, sound effects, and “signature breathing,” it definitely puts the Darth Vader stamp on the GPS experience, offering randomized interjections like, “Proceed as indicated. Don’t make me destroy you “ and “Go straight on, the Emperor awaits.” All of this should come in handy while driving your date back home after she suddenly realizes she doesn’t feel well.

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