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Global Nazi clock conspiracy finally puts an end to ABC's Zero Hour

Concerned that it was getting dangerously close to the truth, the international Nazi Clock conspiracy has put an end to ABC’s Zero Hour, with the network forced to pull the drama after just three episodes. The most recent showing of the Anthony Edwards-starring sort-of-thriller drew 5 million viewers and a 1.0 rating among adults 18-49—numbers that, when you arrange them correctly, create a code that spells out “N-A-Z-I-T-I-M-E,” the hour by which all Nazis synchronize their Nazi Swatches. That harbinger signaled an abrupt end to the series, leaving the world once again vulnerable to the machinations of the Nazi Clock Axis. “Zee little hand is on zee ‘one,’ zee big hand is on zee ‘final solution for zee Fatherland,’” they're gloating now, in their secret Nazi clock tower. 

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