Hardees Would Like You To Try Their Hot Testicles

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Hardees Would Like You To Try Their Hot Testicles

They're dippable!

 There's a reason why the old adage "Sex sells" isn't "Sex and likening your made-up food product to testicles sells." That reason? Well, let's just let Hardee's show you:

(Via AdAge)

Yum! Doesn't all that testicle-talk just make you hungry for whatever those unappetizing sugar biscuit franken-globs are? It just really must be so difficult for Hardee's that they can't come up with a name for them and so instead have to rely on the public to make all their balls jokes for them.

Well, you asked for it, Hardee's. Here are a few name suggestions for, as you so colorfully put it, your holes:

--Genitals ("I'll have an order of Genitals," has a nice ring to it)

--Basket 'O Lamentable Innuendos




--Eunuch's Delight

--Chocolate Salty Balls, But Without The Chocolate Or The Salt, And With Seminal Vesicles Made Out Of Biscuit Dough 

--Tastee Testes

--Castrato's Special