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Hear Peter Buck's first solo track, "10 Million BC"

For a band that broke up last year, there’s still plenty of R.E.M. news to go around. You may have read Steve Hyden’s wonderful retrospective on the band’s history or you might have watched our visit to the band’s hometown of Athens, Georgia. (Or, hopefully, both.) Now comes the first snippet of original, post-break-up solo work from guitarist Peter Buck. As we mentioned earlier this year, Buck has been chipping away at what will likely be his solo debut though there’s still no release date. Still, the below song, “10 Million BC” was played on WFMU recently by Buck’s pal and collaborator Steve Wynn. It’s a chugging slice of swamp rock that signals a significant departure from the jangly R.E.M. sound Buck used to weave out of his Rickenbacher. [via Slicing Up Eyeballs]

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