Hear that? It's Pi Day!

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Hear that? It's Pi Day!

[Sing to the tune of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”] It’s Pi Day, Pi Day, gonna do some math on Pi Day…

Actually, Pi Day—or 3/14 for those of you who flunked pre-algebra—is probably deserving of a better song than that. “What Pi Sounds Like” may not be as catchy, but it’s much prettier, and more mathematically sound to boot. Musician Michael John Blake interpreted the number pi to 31 decimal places by assigning notes and chords to each number and playing them on a variety of instruments.

So we’ve got the melody, now we just need lyrics:

Put ’em together and there you have the Song Of Pi Day. Unless you choose to reject Pi Day entirely in favor of Tau Day, in which case you have until June 28 to come up with your own mathematical anthem. Confused? Vi Hart explains why pi is a lie, using, appropriately, pies.

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