Here’s how Aaron Paul’s cameo-filled Breaking Bad scavenger hunt went down

Here’s how Aaron Paul’s cameo-filled Breaking Bad scavenger hunt went down

When he’s not feeling the Need For Speed, controlling people’s Xboxes, or filming some Barely Legal Pawn, Aaron Paul likes to spend time sending his fans on wild adventures for fabulous prizes. He’s sort of like Willy Wonka, but he’s famous for being a meth cook and not a chocolate maker. As we reported last week, Paul decided to celebrate Breaking Bad’s final trip to the Emmys with an elaborate scavenger hunt around Los Angeles, and, surprisingly, he managed to pull it off without any of the contestants melting each other in bathtubs full of acid—as far as we know.

The scavenger hunt involved a lot of Breaking Bad jokes and cameos, with the lucky scavenger hunters taking home some pretty cool prizes. One group earned a signed box of Raisin Bran for tracking down R.J. Mitte—the show’s breakfast-loving Walt Jr.—at an IHOP, and another got a pair of stuffed Walt and Jesse dolls for staring down one of those—as Paul put it on Twitter“scary cousins.”

However, it looks like the best part was when a horde of fans terrified Matt “Badger” Jones as they tried to get a signed copy of the pilot script from him at a Guitar Center:

MTV has collected all of Paul’s tweets and Instagrams about the event, which also includes an appearance from Breaking Bad’s Krazy 8, a chair at a car wash, and some early-morning champagne popping. Maybe now Paul can get on with scavenger hunts related to other things he’s been in or going to be in, like The Price Is Right or Ridley Scott’s Exodus. At least one of those would be fun.

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