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Here's your chance to buy a walk-on role in that new Joss Whedon movie

Fans who have always dreamed of standing in the same general area where Joss Whedon dialogue is being delivered, here is your chance to pay for that dream: Whedon’s recently announced “metaphysical love story” In Your Eyes is offering a walk-on role via eBay auction, with proceeds benefitting The Adrienne Shelley Foundation—named for the late actor, writer, and director, and providing grants to other females looking to get into the film business. As with any news we’ve heard so before about this project, the eBay listing doesn’t get into specifics, offering nothing so much as a time or place where the winner will have to get to (as travel is not included) in order to have their walk-on role—and definitely nothing about what that role might be. Nevertheless, the bidding is already up to $2,500 from people who would clearly love to have something, anything to do with a Joss Whedon project, even one he’s not directing himself and may not attend the shooting of, and with the further caveat that your big scene may be cut “at the discretion of the director.” Still, it’s for a worthy cause, so bid away. Maybe you'll end up being the next Danny Strong? [The Mary Sue via Wired]

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