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Hulu adds blessedly profanity-ridden new episodes of The Thick Of It

For those who have just now come to enjoy the stinging political comedy meticulously crafted insults of Armando Iannucci through HBO's Veep—or more importantly, for those who have lamented how that show doesn't quite compare to his British masterpiece The Thick Of It—today brings good, obscenity-filled news. Hulu and the BBC have partnered on a fourth season of the show, with Hulu streaming new episodes the same day they air overseas, beginning this fall. This, after bringing all previous episodes and specials to the site (save the movie In The Loop, which you can still watch on Netflix) beginning July 29. Even better, all of them will air without any of that, clunky BBC America bleeping that renders the show all but incomprehensible. So, in so many words, come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off.  

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