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127 Hours could have been a Luke Perry film starring Brian Austin Green

Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours may have been one of the most critically lauded films of the year, and yes, much of that had to do with the performance of James Franco as trapped hiker Aron Ralston. (It was all part of a new media experiment Franco’s working on called “Disbelief In Phases,” a project that has some mysterious parallel to Franco’s staged puppet-show versions of Goethe for the homeless, and which will only be revealed by time capsule some 100 years hence.) But just so you know, former 90210 star Luke Perry thought of doing Ralston’s story first, trying unsuccessfully to secure the rights as a vehicle for his former little rapping DJ buddy Brian Austin Green: “Brian's a great actor," Perry told Access Hollywood while promoting his Jason Priestly-starring Hallmark Movie Channel feature Goodnight For Justice. "I thought he'd be great in that part, but Danny Boyle, he got it.” Yeah, thanks a lot, Danny Boyle.  

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