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Achewood returns!


Fans of the on-line comic Achewood have been drumming their fingers for the past three weeks, after creator Chris Onstad announced that the strip would be on hold while he was in the process of moving. On Onstad's blog, he explained the down-time thusly:
"There's no way for me to do good work while taking care of my family and all of our interests during this move. You would see scabrous comics—literally injurious to the eyes—anxiously uploaded from a laptop in a stall at the Mount Shasta Bathe-n-Shat. You would see strips about crying. You would see shakily-drawn strips about cantaloupes with wedges missing, in a half-hearted attempt to ape that whole Shel Silverstein thing. It would be wrong." 
Well, now the long wait is over and Achewood is back with a new strip, and the promise of two more to be published this week. Contacted for a comment, Onstad told The A.V. Club, "Thanks to everyone for their patience with the hiatus. Surprisingly, no hate mail was received, but I'm looking forward to more now that the strip is back in regular production."

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