Indiana Jones: good at ass-kicking, bad at table manners

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Indiana Jones: good at ass-kicking, bad at table manners

How many times has this happened to you: While dining with an evil crime boss in 1930s Shanghai, the sudden distraction of a henchman’s gun, a poisoned drink, and a wildly overacting Kate Capshaw cause you to accidentally use the wrong fork. Awwwwkward. The only real way to recover from such embarrassment is to throw a flaming shish kabob through your host’s heart. Take it from that master of exhilarating exploit etiquette, Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., who stars as "Bob" in this mash-up of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom and an old table manners instructional film. (Which sadly does not include advice on what to do when your monkey brains are served improperly chilled.) It’s the third video in the “Nerdy Instructional Films” YouTube series from OneMinuteGalactica, which has previously turned to Star Wars for dating advice and Superman for office-safety guidelines. Wonder what the title of their upcoming short, “Anger Is Illogical,” could possibly foreshadow…?

[h/t The Daily What]

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