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It’s Malls Week at The A.V. Club, for some reason 

Here at The A.V. Club homebase, we sometimes use a white board to store ideas for later use. And sometimes we forget what those ideas were in the first place. For more than a year, the board was home to a single word, suggested by Genevieve Koski: “Malls.” (Actually, it was “Malls?”, which was all the more baffling.) Instead of erasing it, we decided to build a whole week’s worth of content around it. So it’s Malls Week at The A.V. Club. Each day will feature an Inventory, interview, or some other piece of content tied to our relationship with shopping malls—those once-inescapable, now-endangered consumer paradises—as reflected by television, music, movies, and other forms of pop culture. We found there’s plenty to discuss, and hope you enjoy exploring it with us. And so…

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