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Jennifer Lawrence's sweaty Silver Linings Playbook clothes bought by huge movie buffs, probably

Reflecting an aroused interest in the prestige factor of her recent Oscar win and certainly nothing else, Jennifer Lawrence’s screen-worn, sweat-soaked wardrobe from Silver Linings Playbook has fetched around $12,000 at auction, with each item of her clothing going to buyers hoping to own an authentic piece of Hollywood history, as they will tell their family members. As reported by Reuters, the “stretchy vanilla pants” the actress wore and cinematically perspired in during the film’s climactic ballroom dancing scene went for $3,493, while the teal sports bra and blue long-sleeved shirt that soaked up all of her actor-ly efforts in those many rehearsal sequences fetched $3,175. The wool winter coat Lawrence wore and presumably also excreted cultural cachet into was the big winner at $4,652, and even a black tank top that wasn’t featured in the film, yet was still in proximity to Lawrence’s talents, earned $624. Meanwhile, the sweatpants worn by Bradley Cooper went for a mere $262, likely because they weren’t Oscar-y enough.  

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