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Jessica Biel won't be in The Wolverine after all, should you have feelings about that one way or the other

 In news we will pretend is sure to disappoint and/or mollify legions of fans, because we are not quite certain whether there exists a particularly fervent fanbase for Jessica Biel nor those who have extremely strong opinions about who should play the Marvel character Viper, Jessica Biel is no longer attached to play Viper in The Wolverine, so some sense of regret and/or relief is in order. According to Deadline, those earlier reports from Comic-Con were premature, as the talks quickly fell apart, with director James Mangold now looking for someone else you may or may not have some affinity for/aversion to and ask them to play a person you are very concerned about/not even all that familiar with in the X-Men spin-off movie that you are eagerly anticipating/have some vague awareness of, so stay tuned to hear more about/barely register that. 

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