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Jesus to return in movie told from a more "humanistic" perspective, thereby continuing war on Christianity

Perfectly timed for the season, Lionsgate has announced that it’s picked up the rights to Dr. Reza Aslan’s Zealot: The Life And Times Of Jesus Of Nazareth, the story of at least the second- or third-most popular Christmas character. Like the book—which has attracted some controversy for its look at Jesus through a more human and historical perspective, all as part of Aslan’s obvious Muslim agenda to destroy Christianity—the film will place Jesus within a similarly “humanistic, as opposed to religious context,” Aslan says, thus bringing about a new age of darkness and academicism. In doing so, Zealot distinguishes itself from some of the many other Bible projects that are currently in the works, such as Kevin Reynolds’ swordfighting Jesus movie, Will Smith’s Cain-and-Abel-as-vampires movie, and Eli  Roth’s young demon-fighting Jesus miniseries—all of which adhere to the sort of faith in outlandish myth practiced by any good Christian.  

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