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John Singleton and Ice Cube discussing N.W.A. biopic

While doing press for the upcoming thriller Abduction, his first film in six years, John Singleton chatted about various projects he currently has in development, including a N.W.A. biopic that would be produced by Ice Cube. Singleton stressed that "nothing’s come to fruition yet," but "the script is really, really good, and so we’re just figuring it out. New Line really wants to make it.” Before N.W.A. fans get their hopes up—or start complaining about a potential whitewash of the group's history—it's worth noting that Cube has wanted to make this movie (working title: Straight Outta Compton) since at least 2009, and it still hasn't been made. In the meantime, at least we still have "Straight Outta Compton." [Via IndieWire]

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