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Learn the sordid history of some A.V. Club memes

Last month, as you may recall, The A.V. Club proudly launched the first annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival, featuring such luminaries as Marc Maron, Tig Notaro, and Comedy Bang! Bang! (If you came, thanks! It was fun.) After the last big theater show, we headed over to Schubas for a wacky lil’ afterparty sponsored by Disqus—you may know them as our commenting system—in which we delved into the dark world of A.V. Club commenting with some help from Todd Barry. For purposes of that show, we created some short videos explaining the history of three memes. We’re happy to now be able to share those with you, along with some photos from the aftershow. And if you head over to Disqus’ new “featured fun” section, you can also watch a four-minute distillation of the event itself. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh-cry. Videos and photos are below.

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