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Legendary picks Colin Farrell and Paula Patton avatars for its World Of Warcraft movie

After years of toying with and occasionally abandoning it, Legendary Pictures is starting to get really into World Of Warcraft, to the visible detriment of its apartment. And with Duncan Jones already picked to helm the quest to enter the worldwide chat forum of WoW fandom, then beg repeatedly for gold, Legendary has spent the days ever since locked inside, picking out the various avatars it wants to play with in the upcoming Warcraft. Topping the list, according to Deadline, are Colin Farrell and Paula Patton—with Farrell having demonstrated an aptitude for being a video game cipher in Total Recall, and Patton being a beautiful woman, just like the kind that are encountered all over World Of Warcraft.

Both are up for the “leads,” whatever those may be, alongside other short-listed actors such as Hell On Wheels’ Anson Mount, Vikings’ Travis Fimmel, and Anton Yelchin and Paul Dano—with the latter two surely being courted for elves, right? Just say they’re elves. Anyway, we still know very little about how the vast roleplaying game will be adapted for the screen, other than the fact that, unlike the aspect of World Of Warcraft that is most responsible for its popularity, you can’t control any of it. 

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