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Let the fist-pumping begin! Jersey Shore XXX is on the way!

Adult film to include a smooshing Situation. 

For the past year or so, the adult-film industry has been churning out XXX parody porns faster than a virgin on prom night, plowing its way through current hits like Scrubs and The Office right on through to spunked-up versions of Hell’s Kitchen and WKRP In Cincinnati. (Seriously.) But dirty-film distributer Adam And Eve has truly captured the xxxeitgeist with a recently announced Jersey Shore parody porn conceived by and starring Taryn Thomas.

It’s been just over a month since the world was introduced to MTV’s cast of leathery stereotypes, but by February we’ll get to see their porny doppelgangers “smooshing” one another in the hot tub. Thomas will take the role of noted face-punch recipient Snookie; Fleshbot has a NSFW side-by-side comparison of the rest of the cast. (The film’s official website notes that “Taryn is giving back to the community and has casted all Guidos and Guidettes for 2010's hottest adult film series,” so UNICO can thank her for that.)

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