Life's Too Short


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Adding credence to the argument that dwarves are the next trend du jour, here’s a brief teaser for Life’s Too Short, in which Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant wring laughs out of the lives of little people. Specifically, the life of Warwick Davis, who plays a fictionalized version of himself as the head of a talent agency called Dwarves For Hire, which must be pretty busy these days. This being a Gervais show, and Gervais’ shtick often being the idea that self-promotion is best handled in the bluntest way possible, you don’t see much of anything here other than Gervais promising it’s “like a cross between The Office and Extras” as he pointedly steals the spotlight from Davis. The show debuts on BBC2 in the fall and should hit HBO sometime in 2012.