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Listen to Seahaven’s aching “Silhouette (Latin Skin)”

Though Seahaven only has a couple releases under its belt, the young band displays a maturity that’s often missing from the bands with which it surrounds itself. This is not to say its label-mates—or its upcoming tour-mates Touché Amoré—are lacking, but the band deals less in big emotional breakthroughs, opting to move slowly, inching forward contemplatively instead of screaming toward catharsis. All of this benefits the band, as vocalist Kyle Soto’s bluesy drawl ruminates atop the bands laboring movements. As it preps for the release of its second album Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only, the band will be releasing a three-song 7-inch on Run For Cover Records due out January 21 to hold fans over until the album’s release. The A.V. Club is premiering the first song from that EP, “Silhouette (Latin Skin),” below.

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